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(verb) to form by uniting materials by gradual means into a whole




Find agency over your wealth at a minimal cost




Create the neighborhood you always dreamt of


Revitalize your community by funding schools, low-income housing, community centers, and parks

A community developer...

Structured to build up the local community by offering a selection of investment opportunities. Posing as a crowd-sourced real estate developer, the platform lowers the capital barrier of traditional investing by combining micro-investing with blockchain technology. Benefiting from smart contracts to cut out the middleman and eliminate the cost of broker fees, while maintaining transparency through a digital ledger. Supported by a government and community with a vested interest in the development of the neighborhood, investors will find both a financial and charitable profit.

By offering a low-cost way to hold a stake in high-quality assets with a net positive impact on the local community, we hope to spread a deeper sense of care towards the community. Providing agency over individual wealth and opportunity for impactful change, each investment yields robust returns with a mission-driven operative. 

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