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Spiral Stairs


A collaborative with the mission to deepen a connection to ourselves, build a community of creating, and make the world better than we left. By tapping into the limitless potential of imagination by dissolving barriers brought on by societal expectations and self-limiting beliefs, we discover purpose. So join the effort to reconcile the gap between belief and possibility to create a more meaningful experience.

vntg roots

coming soon...


A podcast with the intention to provide open grounds for respectful dialogue.


A radio show that strives to understand the emotional resonance found in music.

Image by Srijan Mohan


A clothing line built at the intersection of sustainability and self-expression.


A community developer platform that is structured to help build up the local community by offering a selection of investment opportunities.

Dry Woods
Sand Dunes


A social media platform aiming to re-contextualize social media by providing a space for creatives to not only display their work and connect with like-minded individuals, but also seamlessly collaborate on-site.

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