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(verb) to give or convey a true impression of 

The 360 Collective


Discover the different sides of yourself


How do you present to everyone else?


Embody your personality through fashion

A clothing line...

Built upon a circular economy, the crux of this brand rests between sustainability and self-expression. First sourcing plant-derived materials, such as hemp and linen, which benefit from minimal water- and pesticide-use, while also boasting comfortability, durability, and diversity of wear. Then, using in-house or customer-designed prints that blend quick-wit with artistic liberty to incite inspiration for a passerby. Finally offering the option to recycle or exchange worn clothes to close the loop. 


With the aim to combat the notoriously superficial and polluted fashion industry, our main priority is to minimize over consumption in exchange for high-quality. By using a capsule wardrobe design paired with zany streetwear, we seek to create a delectable assortment of style with longevity woven in. However, while purpose is paramount, clothing cannot simply be a billboard for ideals and beliefs. Placing comfort at the forefront along with the cause is equally as important. Because how can you be confident without feeling comfortable? So we look to help customers build confidence by creating a digital wardrobe app, where they can virtually 'try on' and 'test' outfits. 

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