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(verb) give one's attention to a sound

Music of Experience


Discover the infinite stories hidden in music


Realize the emotional intention of lyrical poetry


Uncover the harmonious symphony of emotions 

A radio show...

That strives to understand the emotional resonance found in music. Behind every musical composition lies a story - sometimes written by the artist but other times by the listener. Like many forms of art, music serves as an interpretive medium. Providing a universal language to convey an emotional journey. Whether it be the spoken word poetically superimposed on a series of melodic chords, or an orchestra recreating the ardent fervor of Beethoven.


Listening to music has allowed me better understand visceral sensations rooted in feelings of anger, sadness, joy, etc. Realizing the potency of music has encouraged me to dig deeper into the science of sound - knowing that it has proven therapeutic in my own experiences. So my colleague and I aim to contextualize our own emotional journey with the musician's story, their audience's feedback, and music theory.

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