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(verb) say something in order to convey information, an opinion, or a feeling



Take a moment to consider your thoughts and feelings


Learn to be patient with and thoughtful in your response


Understand the perspective and opinions of one another

A podcast...

With the intention to provide open grounds for respectful dialogue. I look to better understand people by using a Socratic-style of discussion to explore the beliefs that undergird their perspectives and opinions. Through these conversations, I hope to connect with my guests - addressing the insensibility of my own path, the challenges of my past, and how I have tried to re-align myself. 

I have personally learnt a lot about myself and others, while also attaining vast amounts of knowledge in subjects I would have never explored on my own. From my experience, the power of conversation is profound, acting as a beacon for unity and guidance. At times, bridging the gap between feelings and logic by prompting questions about the preconceived notions of progress and achievement. 

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