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An optimist. Committed to the belief that everyone can live out their dream.

Who Am I


Beginning with a multi-cultural household and broadened by visits to countries around the world, I have been fortunate enough to be shown the importance of perspective. Discovering a bounty of unique, yet fulfilling, approaches to life. Traveling through the vivacious streets of South America, along an idyllic coastline of the mediterranean, through the sandy dunes of the Sahara, and up the rice terraces carved into the mountains of Southeast Asia. From my upbringing to my brief and distant encounters, I have witnessed the power of perspective.


Through volunteering, I found a sense of awareness and consideration for not only others, but myself too. Far too often I find myself getting consumed by my own thoughts and struggles. Encumbered by the expectations of parents', friends', or a societal definition of success. Frozen by indecision, I'm left desperate to pave my own path - one that I decide to walk on. To define the road alone can be a daunting challenge, but by volunteering, I have discovered new ways to look at my problems. These experiences fostered a better understanding of who I currently am and how much I still need to grow. Slowly shaping compassion, patience, and virtue into my true character. Although I strive everyday to embody these attributes, often I lack the discipline to consistently display them. By getting involved with communities that align themselves with a mission-oriented purpose, I have been able to nurture these qualities. Developing 'understanding' into 'compassion', 'tolerance' into 'patience', and 'morality' into 'virtue'. From my experience, the organizations listed below have embody these qualities to make the world a better place.

My Career Design Process

My degree is in Business Analytics and Real Estate Management, although I consider the two faculties practical interests rather than indications of passion. However, both selections took a reasonable amount of consideration, starting with a question - WHAT did I want my life to look like? Knowing I wanted to live a life where I could confidently provide a house with a yard, a two-car garage, and a happy healthy family. So I began thinking about how to get there. First, evaluating what the world looks like now and then considering what it would look like in the future. Taking inspiration from my father and the baffling statistic that "90% of all millionaires own some form of real estate", I wanted to try my hand in the field. When addressing the latter question, I looked to companies influencing the direction of our future. Understanding that new-age business decision-making has grown more dependent on data, I aspired to be part of the transformation. However, after testing the waters in both lines of business, I found what really fired up my engine was working alongside innovative, creative, and open-minded individuals seeking to make an impact.  

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Work Experience

Although I have amassed a handful of technical knowledge and experience from working, it was the 'soft' skills that have brought the most impact on my life. Listed below are my previous positions and employers, with a brief summary of each roles. Following each description are the three most important soft skills that I improved upon or gained upon during my time with each company.

Investment Analyst

September 2019 - June 2022


I was responsible for monthly surveillance on a portfolio of over 1,500 Freddie Mac multifamily commercial mortgage-backed security transactions valued over $100M. Reviewing borrower and servicer operating statements every month to produce detailed cash flow analyses and property summaries. These reports would be subsequently reviewed by higher levels of management to ensure "a standard of excellence and integrity".

  • Personability

At the core of this company stands a pillar of 'excellence and integrity', which made way to a basis of trust. This sense of familial culture grew an eager need to take on a greater work load and create more meaningful connections with my co-workers. From this came a more effective and enjoyable working relationship as I grew to understand their personalities.

  • Teamwork

I discovered the impact of well-catered mentorship and close collaboration from being part of a small tight-knit team. Finding a variety in perspectives brought an opportunity to broaden my own knowledge base on multiple fronts. This comfortability and camaraderie in the workplace built up enthusiasm, while providing a strong foundation for me to train new-hires.

  • Time Management 

Since credit reports needed to be reviewed and published at the end of every month, I was required to complete my portfolio of 1,500 multifamily Freddie Mac properties in a timely manner. To allow both reviewers and myself sufficient time to provide feedback and make revisions, respectively. Further developing my accountability and organizational skills to meet these deadlines.

Customer Experience Analyst

September 2018 - March 2019


I was introduced to the impact of customer feedback. Utilizing surveys and interviews to better understand ways of improving the customer's home-building journey. By working cross-functionally with marketing, acquisitions, and creative teams, I aided in building a more unified brand to improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Empathy 

  • Leadership 

  • Detail-Oriented

Customer Service Staff 

July 2015 - September 2018


I witnessed the business benefits of providing high-end customer service and a welcoming environment. From establishing a rapport with customers to creating meaningful connections with co-workers, I aimed to create a quality culture of family and community. 

  • Communication

  • Customer-Service 

  • Problem-Solving 

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